Natasimha shocking Natural Star again and again  
  Power Star readies for eye surgery  
  Cherry turning his lover into hot item  
  Mass Raja's beauty mesmerise with pole dance  
  Shocker-Kidney transplant to Rana  
  Mahesh with Sammohanam director?  
  Ko Kokkoroko lyrics by hardcore vegetarian!  
  Sri Reddy's 36 top performers  
  Bold Richa as bold Shakeela!  
  Chay doing ANR again  
  Mega Dad to NTR!  
  KIMBHO coming to rival Whatsapp!  
  It's a legal mess that Virat ended himself with wife  
  Geetha Govindam first look super impressive!  
  YCP MPs resignations a trouble to BJP!  
  Driver dies as car submerges in rainwater  
  Young Tiger's Pelli Choopulu in Aravinda Sametha  
  If men can remarry, why can't women: Venkaiah  
  Lover Boy to remain single for ever  
  Mahesh's bonding as dad creates sensation  
Babu, The Alice In Yoga Land
  Prince William begins historic Middle East visit  
  9 killed in AP road accident  
  Telangana minor held for raping, blackmailing girl  
  Four Andhra students washed away in Krishna river  
  Apple promises fix for faulty 'butterfly' keyboards  
  Infosys bets on digital strategy to spur growth  
  Does BJP care about winning hearts and minds in Kashmir?  
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India Rupees
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  TPCC - Wandering Aimlessly
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Tik Tik Tik   Tik Tik Tik  
Jamba Lakidi Pamba   Jamba Lakidi Pamba  
Dammunte Sommera   Dammunte Sommera  
Sammohanam   Sammohanam  
A mental hospital
After hearing that one of the patients in a mental hospital had saved another from a suicide attempt by pulling him out of a bathtub, the hospital director reviewed the rescuer's file and called him into his office.

"Mr. Haroldson, your records and your heroic behavior indicate that you're....
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  Fortunate to pick films with fantastic roles for women  
  Prem Chopra honoured with living legend award  
  Stylish Star turning super cop  
  Blame myself for my disappearance  
  F2 In Sankranti race  
  Varun dances with fans on Hindi numbers in Bangkok mall  
  Sammohanam success celebrated by sea  
  Lovely: Son takes care of Power Star  
  Bilinguals lack the fire power  
  Young Stars making everyone say 'Right Right'  
  Review: Tik Tik Tik  
  Balayya attendance for Mega event?  
  BJP's mind blowing strategy...meets Jakkanna too!  
  Ramya Krishna's remuneration shocker!  
  Saif, Kareena enjoy quality time in London  
  Hero Sree Vishnu’s new film launched  
  Sonakshi Sinha rewrites Honey Singh's 'Love dose'  
  Priyanka Chopra arrives in Mumbai with Nick Jonas in tow  
  Review: Jamba Lakidi Pamba  
  Jagran Film Festival: Tributes to Shashi Kapoor, Sridevi  
  Only way to grow is to challenge your fears  
  Review: Dammunte Sommera  
  Star music director on differences with Chiru, Mahesh  
  Saaho ready for Hyderabad strike  
  Super Star becoming an idiot?  
  Beauty tolerated Balayya only for money  
  Comedian says NTR’s nature is not that cheap  
  Prabhas pokes fun on himself and his hottie  
  Anisha pinning hopes on Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi  
  Sunil Mittal to be ICC's Honorary Chair  
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