Balayya refused to say Sye Raa?  
  Shriya gets surprise from her hubby  
  Rangasthalam maker reveals the secrets  
  Ee Rojullo beauty braces for political war  
  Bhagamatie director for an international treat  
  Needi Naadi Okate Katha secrets revealed  
  Shock: If script demands she's willing to go bare  
  Britt Beauty not to come from Morocco  
  Million dollar smile of Mom and her baby!  
  Rads fitness stuns and her swimwear is woah...!!  
  Finally, a heroine openly supporting Jana Sena!  
  Shriya's wedding snaps create sensation online  
  "He's just acting like Modi's covert"  
  3755 Crs on ads? Amaravati got 2500 cr Modi sir!!  
  Lokesh fires at Pawan on corruption allegations!  
  Did Koratala said no to golden offer?  
  Excl: What's brewing between Mahesh & Jakkanna?  
  Hello...All you age expired heroes.: TDP leader!  
  Someone call bomb squad...Bruna looks like bomb  
  Janhvi's first Vogue cover Photo Shoot....but!  
Sanjay Dutt 'upset' but what can he do?
  Efforts on to secure national project for Kaleshwaram  
  'Airtel Truecaller ID' crosses 1mn subscribers mark  
  High meat intake may up liver disease risk  
  2G: Delhi HC issues notice to Raja, Kanimozhi  
  Avoiding no-trust motion is like political suicide  
  Shooter dead, 2 wounded in US school shooting  
  CLP replaces Sampath with Rammohan as Whip  
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India Rupees
Gold (10g) 31,016.04
US Dollar 65.03
Euro (EUR) 80.03
British Pound (GBP) 90.66
Australian Dollar 50.74
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After robbing the bank, 1 robber to clerk : Did you see me robbing? 

Clerk : Yes I saw u. 

Robber killed him and asked to the next clerk : Did u? 
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  Fame has changed how I live  
  Rani turns 40  
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  CDR scam: Investigate before making assumptions  
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  Is Rajugadu kleptomaniac  
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  Sridevi, Shashi Kapoor to be honoured at NY Indian Fest  
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  Movies are great to get people's attention on a topic  
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  Illi babe feelers to T town folks  
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  Does actor Suriya resemble YS Jagan?  
  Deepika Padukone, Virat Kohli win Instagram Awards  
  Jakkanna's love on Chittibabu!  
  Varun, Katrina unite for dance movie  
  Aamir Khan new brand ambassador for Vivo India  
  Nag-Nani enjoy ugadi bonding  
  Bharat Ane Nenu flying to Spain  
  Naga Shourya reveals Nartanasala secrets  
  Swedish Greek beauty smitten by Stylish Star  
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